Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Individual Voice and Lee's River tagged Writer, Rejected for a Meme.

What are my five greatest strengths as a writer?

1) Fast: I can turn a deadline on a dime.
2) Dogged: Never give up, as demonstrated by this blog and my many rejections
3) Humbled & Experienced: Many years of learning what and what not to do in art and business, especially not to act like an asshole
4) Dedicated & Discerning: Have learned to listen to myself first, others second
5) Original: My writing is not like other writing I've read, I think. Maybe that in part is why it doesn't get published easily? Or maybe I'm full of shit?


zumabitch said...

#5 is a question I've debated about my own output, but since I rarely get feedback it is hard to tell.

However, I find I get bored rather easily, reading through the journals, and when I do see something unusual I cheer wildly. Unfortunately this does not happen too often.

An imperfect analogy: Have you ever wandered through, let's say, Macy's, and wondered why the clothes were so unlike anything you'd ever purchase? And then the same is repeated in Nordstrom, and so on down the line; it's the buyers at work, buying for their presumed customer, who will wear those pleated khaki pants (that make you look fat) with joy and then come back and buy a second
pair, maybe in daring beige.

And you swan around in an emerald cape with a beaked hood. Maybe not that outre. Maybe just black leggings.

Just out of curiousity, regarding short stories, which have stood out for you (author or individual piece)? Generally I find that a story I adore isn't considered the author's best work.

A seksy potato said...

Well, since I love to act like an asshole, I'm going to throw in the towel now on this whole "being a writer" thingie.

Oh, son of a bitch, I know what you mean about those journals. zzzzzz. Good grief, but that shit is boring.

zumabitch said...

Seksy, you are too hot to throw in the towel. You're too seksy for your sack.

peksy sotato said...

thanks, zum ;-) I knew I liked you.