Friday, August 15, 2008

The Future of Books is...Movies

Well, well,'s publishing news shows desperate publishers and book sellers trying to get a piece of the action in pictures.  When words fail (as apparently they have), turn to images. It takes less effort to decipher images, and the dumb people will be happy:
  • Barnes & Noble Studio is a new weird hybrid way to sell books and authors to the reading public: video.  For instance, you can watch Richard Russo read Huckleberry Finn in a series called (Are you ready?): Moving Paragraphs.
  • There's also the latest craze of book trailers.  For instance, this one.  (Ugh!)  I've been ignoring the book trailer trend for months now because it seems humiliating and because Gawker can't stop writing about it, which is annoying.
  • Simon & Schuster is in the movie business, too, which is merely to say the giant hopes to make up for book losses with movie sales.  It's looking bad for books, isn't it?
  • Meanwhile, according to the Guardian, Kindle is the New iPod.

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