Thursday, September 18, 2008

And Then There Was One...More

Ah, see?  Just when you think the well is dry, a new juicy rejection comes along to moisten things up.  This one is more than a year old, but the editor nicely apologizes, I think.  So all is forgiven.

Writer, Rejected, Thank you very much for submitting “[Title of Essay]” to us. Our review committee has not chosen it for [Literary Journal with a Specific Topic that Might Give Away Too Much Information]. We do very little memoir and personal experiential writing — we would like to do more but we only have 80 pages every two months and a wide range of things that we want to publish. I do hope you find, or have already found, the right place for it. You must have long since given up on getting a response from us here and I do apologize, we have been very shortstaffed.
With all best wishes,
Editor's First Name

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