Monday, September 22, 2008

Playwright's Lament

Sent in to share with an added complaint about the greeting; why not use the playwright's name, one wonders:

Dear Playwright:

Thank you for sending [title of play] to Emerging Artists Theatre. Plays sent
to EAT are read by 2 to 3 members and a critique is written. Unfortunately, EAT decided to pass on your play.

Best of luck of you in the future.

Kevin Brofsky
EAT Playwright Manager


PMJG said...

That seems unnecessarily vague.

Did they have their 2 to 3 members read the play and write a critique that decided to pass, or did they decide to pass on having it read and critiqued?

The insect cabinet said...

Ah, there's nothing that can't be smoothed over with a capitalised noun. Sure, the missive itself is a rejection but the EAT people have confirmed that the 'playwright' is, indeed, a 'Playwright'.

On another note, what's next for the LROD book club (Book Club)?