Monday, September 1, 2008

Writing TV Spies (or, What Some Writers Do for Money)

An anonymous reader sent in this link to writer Tod Golberg's amusing article in the L.A. Times about writing tie-in novels (i.e., novels that spin off of popular television shows).  Here's a highlight from the article:

"I've published two novels and a collection of stories that have afforded the kind of notoriety one rarely reads about: I've lost all the awards I've ever been nominated for, my most ardent fans number in the tens of hundreds, and I'd need the Jaws of Life to pull me onto the bestseller list. In short, a career in the literary fiction trenches, where acclaim is something you hang your hat on, since you haven't made enough money to buy a hat rack.

Then I received a midnight call from my brother, Lee, asking whether I might be interested in writing original novels based on "Burn Notice," the popular show on USA about a blacklisted spy named Michael Westen, who uses his training to help people out of bad situations (with the mob, drug dealers, pimps, etc.)."

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KATE EVANS said...

I saw him speak at a writing conference. He's as hilarious in person...moreso. He's got the knack of a stand-up comedian.