Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Alice Hoffman Tweets Against her Critic

Salon reports on a recent Alice Hoffman Twitter rant about an unfavorable Boston Globe review of her latest book by Roberta Silman.  The title of the Salon article is "Hey, authors, don't tweet in anger!"  Seems like good advice.  Here's a highlight:  "Smarting from a so-so review of "The Story Sisters" in the Boston Globe, the prolific novelist tweeted her fury to the world. She came out swinging, calling reviewer Roberta Silman "a moron," quickly moving on to "idiot," then expanding her repertoire to dis the newspaper and the city of Boston itself. But the real jaw-dropper in Hoffman's two dozen plus tweets on the subject was her suggestion that "If you want to tell Roberta Silman off, her phone is [Silman's phone number and email address]. Tell her what u think of snarky critics."

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