Friday, January 8, 2010

Blog Soup Post

I like the wrinkles in this rejection.  That's how far I have slumped, ladies and germs.  I am talking about paper creases. It doesn't get much lower.  So let me tell you two stories:
  1. A couple weeks ago I gave a friend two agent contacts and told him to use my name; I also gave him a list of agents (with whom not to use my name), and a couple of encouraging words and some strategy points.  Two weeks letter, he writes to say 4 agents have asked to read his complete manuscript, including the 2 I know well.  His book is good. Guess maybe I didn't need to tell him to hang in there and not worry if he got a lot of rejections.  Funny right?  
  2. A guy I know who gave up on his writing career about 5 years ago got a call the other day from a small press; they found his short-story manuscript in the office, read it, and want to publish it. (Sorry for the five year delay.)  He'd forgotten he'd ever sent the damn thing there.  How about that?
I'm going to send my novel out to a few of those places where the award is a couple of clams and a publishing contract.  I'm kind of tired of waiting on these guys.


Anonymous said...

where is your novel set? there are some good regional university presses that are looking for certain geographical locales...

Louis said...

It's almost these things often play out. One begins to almost ponder the notion of Fate.

The luck of the draw v. talent and perseverance. Could be a toss-up.

But I somehow suspect you will be ok.