Wednesday, April 14, 2010

No Place For You in __________

There's something sort of quaint about this Yale Review rejection.  The word "kindness" does not often grace a rejection slip, for instance.  Also, the way the letter leads you to the logo is kind of charming; reminds me of the old Mad Libs, where you fill in the blank with a noun or a verb, so it comes out silly.


anonymoose the second said...

LROD, I think your site has been satirized in a new novel!, After the Workshop. I think. Unless it's about another site dedicated to rejections. Or unless it's completely fabricated. Whatever the case, it's a very funny novel that pokes fun out of EVERY aspect of being a writer. It might be up your alley. Or not. But if I were you, I'd claim to be the one being satirized. As Oprah would say...Own it, girl!

Kay said...

that was actually the coolest rejection ever!

Z said...

Ooo Ooo--madlibs!

"...we have not found a place in it for

Y(our) R(ejection)


Anonymous said...

Yes, WR, I think you need to read the book After the Workshop and make a post about it. I think the writer was the guy who left the comment you posted in

It seems to be a direct reference to your blog, and while it's not necessarily flattering, it's funny. He names the blog something like Rejections are My seem to have a sense of humor about these things, so you might like it.