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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

From The Mailbag

Several mice wrote in with the following news:
  • Jacob Appel apparently also won the Bellingham Review contest
  • One of our mice writes to say he is a finalist with Appel for the Hudson Prize; Congrats to you, Mouse. (Come by and leave your name if you want to be publicly lauded.)
  • Some other nice mouse sent in a list of interview questions for me to answer; I will see what I can do to sate your curiosity about who I am underneath it all. Maybe I'll post the Q&A tomorrow or Friday.
  • Finally, one last mouse wrote to say that she is a semi-finalists in the Leapfrog contest. 


Anonymous said...

LOL and this is how I find out I won nothing in the Bellingham Review contest. :)

Mz M. said...

Yup, I just got a flier in the mail today listing Jacob Appel as the winner of the Tobias Wolff Fiction Award for "Bait and Switch".


Mz M. said...

BTW, on the same day I find out Bellingham Review doesn't want me or any of my 3 short stories, I did get accepted with a tiny genre publication thru Black Matrix Publishing ( And they're actually paying me something and they're actually printing stuff. So take that stupid, snotty "literary anthologies".

Anonymous said...

What happened to your upcoming Q&A? Still upcoming?