Thursday, June 24, 2010

Your Life Does Kind of Suck

Found this doozie (written by a literary agent, alas) on the Interwebs:

October 17, 1994
Dear Mr. Vickers:
    Thank you for sending your project, I HATE MY LIFE. It sounds like your life really sucks, and you articulate your grievances with it quite concisely. However, I am afraid it is not the kind of work this agency best represents. Best of luck finding a suitable home for it.
    However, in the event that you may decide to develop a book about your on-line Museum of Conceptual Art, we would be interested in seeing your proposal.


The Rejection Queen said...

lol!!!! Sounds like a book I should write.

melissa said...

I really enjoyed your blog. Thanks for posting. I enjoy finding new blogs and making new bloggy friends. :-D
So just wanted to leave a note saying that I liked your blog. I'm now a follower. And I will be back more for updates

PJS said...

I am amazed at how many rejections (form letters, comments, rejection slips) are so themselves so poorly written!