Friday, January 21, 2011

Another Mid-American Rejection

Writer's Name: We are so sorry for the delay in responding to your work. However, we are thankful for the time we have had with this submission. Best wishes for the new year. Thank you for submitting to MAR.  Best, The Editors

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Anonymous said...

beautifully put, isn't it?
And,we had high- hope's-

Anonymous said...

I would like to see others rejections from MAR.I wonder if they say the same damn thing. 0.00 exception rate is a long shut to the moon.

Native Ink said...

"However, we are thankful for the time we have had with this submission."

My advice to this editor: just reject the story, don't insult the writer's intelligence. You weren't borrowing the story to enjoy precious moments with it (taking it for walks, showing it off to your friends?). You simply took a long time to respond to the writer. You apologize for your tardiness. That's good, but then you ruin it with a patronizing dissimulation.

Anonymous said...

damn! phyicalpaths. they make thin after a long wait that you had a chance!