Thursday, April 21, 2011

Second Job, Anyone?

Speaking of which: I am close to finishing (again, I know), the new, new, new version of the old, old, old novel.  A few more fresh-eyed readers, a few more catches and small tweaks, and I will send it back to 99.


Anonymous said...

Your chances of getting hired are 1 in 6 right know :)
it's just as difficult as Lit. exceptence
image know if you've haven't worked in 3 year?
what are your chances of getting hired with no food serves experience?
That like trying to place poems or stories for in first in in good magazines.

Anonymous said...

I find easier to place poem ,for free of course,In ezines then it fast-food restaurant,many rejections.

Anonymous said...

working at McDonalds is the closet thing to prison, one unhealthy meal a day ,behind long hours of stone walls.
After heath benefits and food you have $20 left over to by food and cloth with the institutions,considering that you'll will not have any mony left over for good food. you can by your family food and toys of the dollar menu. prison suits from the company in case you try to escape your work people then could spot you easy :)

Kay said...

the big wigs in Washington were so happy with McDees for announcing 50000 new jobs..whoopee..more underpaying jobs for the working poor. How do you work 2 fulltime jobs to pay the rent? How about some living wage jobs?
BTW I saw a cashier job that said"do not apply if you cannot work 6 days of 6am to 5pm" Yikes..11 hours a day for $8.25 an hour!