Friday, July 8, 2011

Sitting on the Fence

Remember the drama at Fence a few years ago? Ah, for the good old/bad old days of publishing. Anyway, here are some choice Fence rejections, proving that the tier is alive and well.
1) Thank you for sending us "[title]." We appreciated having the chance to read it, but feel that the piece is not for us.  Thanks again. Sincerely, Fence Editors
2) Thank you for sending us "[title]." We appreciated the chance to consider it, but it didn't work for Fence. Sincerely, The Fence Editors
3) Thank you for sending "[title]" for our consideration.  While we are not going to publish it, we enjoyed it quite a bit and wish to encourage you to submit again.   Please visit and sign up for our email newsletter for notification of our next reading period. Sincerely, Fence
4) Thank you for sending us "[title]." This particular piece was not a right fit for Fence, but we were very impressed by your writing.  We hope you will feel encouraged by this short note to send us something else.  We look forward to reading more. Sincerely, The Editors of Fence 

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Matt Lashley said...

Ha! The Fence drama from 2008 was poetry. Long, whiny diatribe rebutted simply with, "E S & D". (IMO, Rebecca Wolff missed a perfect opportunity to tag on a "mofo".)

Imagine the efficiency and time savings, to rejection author and rejection reader, of single sentence rejections. If Rebecca'd kept at it, Fence could have been the cutting edge.