Monday, March 26, 2012

Just Because It's Monday

I like to throw an acceptance in once in a while to keep you on your toes. It is not my acceptance, but belongs to a nice mouse who has sent in a few rejections in the past. So congratulations to you, Mouse!

From: <>
Date: March 14, 2012 1:54:13 PM PDT
To: "Mouse"
Subject: RE: Fiction Submission - "Title" - Anony Mouse 
RED OCHRE PRESS would like to publish "Title" in one of our upcoming, print issues. As of yet, we have not determined which issue your poem would best complement. We will contact you soon with a concrete publication date. Congratulations! RED OCHRE PRESS

1 comment:

Native Ink said...

Cool. The only problem is that Red Ochre can't tell the difference between a fiction submission and a poem.