Sunday, September 7, 2008

In The Woods Until 9/15

Writer, Rejected's Personal Secretary here:

WR has gone off to the woods to write. There is no easy internet access in the wild. LROD will resume normal programming on September 15th, coincidentally the date of the LROD Book Club. 

We are reading More Than It Hurts You, by Darin Strauss. 

Until then, Cheerio. 

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Anonymous said...

I just thought I would leave a general comment, seeing as I love this blog.
Why the nastiness? Why would any editor, or agent for that matter, feel the need to reject an author on so grand a scale as sending personal insults? writers don't get knocked around enough....seriously.
Second of all...I was searching for agents to query when I came across 'no unsolicited queries," what the eff is that about? Who represents you to your would be representative? This is ridiculous!