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Thursday, April 16, 2020


I wanted to do my report on my head, since this whole thing is feeling upside down about now. Yoga teachers will not approve of the hat, the glasses, the fact that I am not quite on the crown of my head perfectly. Also, my rib cage and gut should be back toward my spine, as I reach my toes to heaven, which I am not quite doing here.  Oh well, as they say, progress not perfection. 

Sunday, April 12, 2020


GO TO 1:22:21 in the video above to see my partner tell a story in a story slam last night.

Provincetown, Massachusetts has its own version of "The Moth," called "The Mosquito". This virtual event is usually performed on stage in front of an audience, but...well, you know. I think it came off better than SNL At-Home, don't you?

Hosted by the famous Provincetown Theater.

Watch to the end for a little surprise with a cameo of yours truly....

Thursday, April 9, 2020

CORONAVIRUS INTERRUPTUS--A Rejection and A Thought On Editor Ghosting

Interrupting the regularly scheduled posting for a throwback rejection. You may think I'd run out of these things, but the more books I write and try to publish, the more rejections I have. Funny how the more things change, the more  they stay the same.  This onne was funny because it came five months after submission. My text response was "Well at least she read it and bothered to respond." Secret Agent Man's text response was: "That's what I thought too." Apparently, since I've been writing new books, there's new thiing called "ghosting"  that editors do....even to well-known agents.  My goodness!

Tuesday, April 7, 2020


Writers group last night was great! No takers for an LROD writer's group? I guess that seems like we'd sit around and reject each other, but that's not what I had in mind. Well, whatevs. Hope you all are doing well into Week Three of this thing.

Monday, April 6, 2020

Throwback to #Rejection Days: This Lady Thinks I'm Working Out My Issues, Not Writing a Proper Memoir (Pfft...lady....Pfft)

I don't like the ligatures...see the "ing" and the "and"? They look weird. I need to fix that, but I think it could be okay.

Anyhoodle....just for old time's sake, in case you think getting published once, twice, or thrice changes things for Writer Rejected and all you writing mice out there, it doesn't.  Here are some rejections I got for my book about disinheritance that no one wanted.

This lady was like: The author is working out her mental issues, not crafting a memoir. And this was from a WOMEN'S imprint. Pfft...mean.

(Now rejections come by text from Secret Agent Man)

Funny: I thought it was the most commercial thing that ever happened to me. Ha!

Friday, April 3, 2020


 p.s. I mentioned in the above video that I'm working on a graphic novel. The story is this: I had a tenth grade art teacher who convinced me I wasn't a real artist, even though I LOVED to draw and hang out in the studio with the arty kids, who were the real deal. The thing was that I didn't really care (probably for the only time in my life) whether or not I was any good. It was just a joyful thing for me, something I did in childhood all the time. But he said I needed to work on my skills and not just convince myself that my work was good. He was harsh, so I quit his class and never went back. Unfortunately, I never drew again. I remembered this incident a few months ago when people from my hometown were posting about their favorite teachers on Facebook, and the guy's name was mentioned. I thought, "F that!" I'm going to draw again. This little book came pouring out of me, and I was obsessed for three months with working on it. Now, I have a prototype of the book, which needs work.  It looks like this:

Does anyone have a suggestion for what to do with this thing? Suggestions are welcome.