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Friday, January 6, 2023

New #Memoir #Selling Better than All My #Fiction #Books Put Together

Hey....My new memoir is selling so much better than all of my fiction put together.  I mean it's been up to single digits in ranking on certain behemoth book selling sites, which shall remain nameless, even though I linked to it above. And it's a "Memoir in Essays", even.  I remember when people said essays never sell.  Hmmm? So strange...I don't know. Maybe people want to know about reality more than about anything else.  Reality TV, Books based on real life. 

Anyway, not complaining. SO NO COMPLAINING!!! Just feeling bad for good old fiction, which in my mind lets you tell the truth way more than good old nonfiction.  

Also, here are a few of my favorite reviews, FYI, in case you are wondering:

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