Monday, March 9, 2009

Nathan Bransford and the Burning Bush

Just what you needed on a Monday: "10 Commandments for the Happy Writer." By a blogging Literary Agent (blagent). Who does this good looking, successful, optimistic guy think he is? A young Moses? If so, that makes us an unruly nation of slaves set free from Egypt by God who sent down all those plagues. Ten of them, including lice, swarming frogs, and boils. Which is really kind of awesome.


Anonymous said...

Those commandments are not just fluff, #8 all the way, that is the one thing I have seen make writers miserable.

NB's internet persona is a whole class above Miss Snark's, (who I'm sure is/was a man and not a lit agent) I hope time doesn't sour him.

Anonymous said...

However, some of us who've been around a while don't enjoy being condescended to by a little shit like him.

"People are starving"?? Christ on biscuit. Makes me want to slap him with his surfboard.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:00,
Do you know the genesis for his set of commandments? There was some twitter thread where agents made fun of bad queries in a thread called "queryfail," but rather than join in the fun at writers' expense, Bradsford wrote a post on his blog to spread a little peace and sunshine.

Go slap yourself with a biscuit on a surfboard.

Anonymous said...

As the publishing industry implodes with all the others, agents with zero literary insight, a condescending tone and/or an address in a place other than NY should learn some useful skill. Cobbling shoes perhaps, because professional cracklickers will be a dime a dozen if not cheaper.

ascap said...


Sounds to me like you're suffering from cracklicker-envy.