Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What's a Bumper Crop Anyway?

A proliferation of literary rejection pride?  Sara Crowley (who is 252 years old, according to her bio) over at A Salted blog has posted some of hers (lit mag and editor names deleted). So, maybe it's time we come out of the closet as rejects?  Anyway, here's my favorite of hers:
"Thanks for sending us “Title of Story.” We’re sorry to say they didn’t quite find a home in Name of Lit Mag. We had a bumper crop of submissions and had to make a lot of hard decisions fast, and live with them, unfortunately. It was a close run thing. We always like pieces that are a little off the main road like this, so we do hope you’ll send us something for the next issue. We think you were unlucky this time around."

Love the mixed metaphors in this rejection, don't you?


Leigh said...

If it was that close, why couldn't they hold the story for the next issue? Or was there a reading fee involved...?

Okay said...

It seemed like a rejection with a nice sentiments, but the sentences were a bit garbled. Doesn't seem mean, though.