Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Wikis Are Out To Get Me

Remember back when there was a wikipedia entry for LROD and then it got taken down?  Well, now there's a new entry which maybe is permanent, but who knows?  Check it out now because Wiki Reviewers are requesting a speedy deletion!  They say that anonymous bloggers are not notable...can you imagine?


The Image said...

Daniel Boorstin would have called this particular entry a pseudo-event.

Wiki Reviewers? Wikipedia? Your concern over it all? Who cares.

Writer, Rejected said...

Come on, give a poor unknown a break. :)

Anonymous said...

Wikipedia is as Establishment as the academic journals. I say just ignore 'em ... we've got work to do!

Anonymous said...

I think a John Bruce entry would be more notable, frankly. His blog is older and there is stuff online with, you know, his name on it.

Your Wikipedia entry isn't very flattering. Edit that mofo before it gets deleted again! If you can prove that you are the blog author, your edits will stay up, I'm pretty sure.

nate said...

it's a trap, w/r, they're trying to get your identity. don't be tempted. don't even click. just keep on keeping on, you're doing well, lrod rules. eventually they will all notice & you'll get your due.

ip said...

if you attempt to edit w/o creating an account, they can see your IP address, and from there anyone can see where what city you live in, or which institution's computer network you are using.

juliet said...

This blog needs to be a bit more lively.

What I mean is there needs to be more new posts that take these debates forward a bit.

The commentators are here. The eyeballs are here. What I see as the three important debates that aren't found anywhere else: 1 that some types of literature are not being given their fair market space, be it for their style, the world they depict or the ideas they give, 2
that academia (its publishing wing and its network) is closed to outsiders, yet academic publishing is about the only place serious "literary" fiction and serious poetry can find a home today and finally 3 that commercial magazine editors are not buying short stories and poetry, and that for aspiring writers there are no paying outlets for such work.

Please consider, and have at it!