Friday, September 11, 2009

Oh My, My, My, My, My

You knew it had to happen.  And it has.  The person to do it is Naomi Wolf. Remember when she spoke her truth about being a student at Yale in New York Magazine? Well, this is another "Go-Girrrl" moment.  Ecco Press is the publisher. I will surely be a reader.


cindy said...

soooo interesting. i'll be reading, for sure.

Anonymous said...

My life got so much better after I graduated and was no longer around people who consider Naomi Wolf accusing a professor of sexual misconduct 20 years after the fact to be a "Go-Girrl" moment, as you infer here.

It's amazing how cool people can be and what they can achieve once they leave a subculture that thrives on manufactured drama.

Stay classy, Naomi.

Writer, Rejected said...

Actually, I think that I imply that anyone calling anyone else out on sexual abuse is pretty much Go Grrl, no matter how many years have passed. I think it's very brave. And I stand by that. You may infer otherwise, if you so wish.