Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Staggering Blog Talent Validated

Will there always, always, always be yet another person who does this?  Yes, mice, there will be.  Here's The Rejectionist's Bio: "The Rejectionist is a foul-tempered, snack-needing, whiskey-craving, ill-paid assistant at an Important Literary Agency in New York. The Rejectionist is probably reading your query right now. Hope it's good."  
Some Stats:
  • Started at the end of July 2009, SUMMER, when everyone in publishing is bored out of his/her mind.
  • Links to other anonymous insiders, like this pimp, and this (unpaid) prostitot.
  • Has 63 followers (sycophants)
  • Is vaguely amusing, and only slightly annoying, which is high praise from LROD

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Maybe the long wait times are tied in to the amount of time agents/editors seem to spend on the whole blogging thing. Also the prostitot (who is pretty funny) claims to have a book coming out next year. Really?