Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dear Tina Brown: May I Please Have A Job?

According to Motoko Rich of the New York Times, Tina Brown will "speed up book publishing" by joining her Daily Beast with Perseus Book Group in order to expedite the publishing of titles by Daily Beast Writers.  Good for you, Sister.  Here's her idea according to the article:
On a typical publishing schedule, a writer may take a year or more to deliver a manuscript, after which the publisher takes another nine months to a year to put finished books in stores. At Beast Books, writers would be expected to spend one to three months writing a book, and the publisher would take another month to produce an e-book edition.
That ought to shake things up.  At least someone has a plan, right?


rmellis said...

Quantity over quality? Well, why not.

Chazz said...

Publishing defintely needs to speed up...but either she's high or she's got a plan whose details I can not fathom. She knows books are longer than magazines, right?