Monday, January 4, 2010

And Then There Was Art

A description of the piece above by Canadian artist Graham Gillmore entitled "Rejection Letter" goes like this: "...the large-scale Rejection Letter offers a bureaucratically worded refusal missive. Gillmore’s playful investigations of hope and doubt, of promise and failure, further the artist’s aim throughout his practice to 'infuse within the darker side of the human experience humour and sarcasm in order to deflate and then balance out our unrealistic expectations, hopes and dreams.'” Amen. (Way to start out highbrow in 2010.)

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Anonymous said...


I like how the words and letters start out big and bright and bold in the upper left, but as you read and read and (sigh) read, the words get smaller, and the blank spaces (the kind where you wait and wait and dum-de-de-dum de-dum *wait* for a reply from agents and editors) get more frequent...until the whole thing fades off into the kind of crabbed nothingness that sums up my writerly career so far.