Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Nicole Aragi: Rejecting as Usual

Perhaps "doomsday" was a bit dramatic.  For instance, it's business as usual according to this form email rejection I received recently: "Thank you for your interest in our agency. Sadly, however, Nicole Aragi has a full client list and is not taking on new work at the moment."  I don't think the assistant thinks it's really that sad, do you?


Louis said...

Yes, one might ponder the depth of sadness. in "I weep for the loss of this opportunity to review your work, but Ms. Agari is quite adamant."

Or... in "Do not weep, fair dreamer, Ms. Aragi is not considering anyone at this time."

It is kind of an odd choice of wording, when you think about it.

Dennis the Vizsla said...

They left out the "for you" part of "Sadly".

Anonymous said...

Is it common not to receive any reply at all?

Writer, Rejected said...

Yes, more and more common these days. For some agents no reply = no thank you.