Friday, March 19, 2010

Have a Fantastic Rejection

Hey There [Nickname of Writer]*,
    Thanks so much for sending your story [Name of Story] along to Writers' Bloc. Unfortunately, I don't think we can use this piece for our magazine, but I did enjoy reading it. You write well. It's just that we're always inundated with submissions, which makes it hard to get published here—and also we get lots and lots of pieces about [Topic of Story], which makes it ever harder. I hope you understand. Feel free to submit to us again sometime, and good luck placing your story in another market. Have a fantastic week!
    Warm regards, 
    Kevin Dickinson, Editor

*Sent in via email: writerrejected [at] aol [dot] com.  Do you have a similarly snappy rejection you'd like to post anonymously?  Why not send it in?


Lit J said...

Okay, so the tone's a bit too chipper, but the information is valuable -- this writer's focusing on an impacted topic -- cancer or ailing child or male professors or something -- which makes it harder to get published.

So try to write something that everyone else isn't writing about.

Anonymous said...

What was the [Topic of Story], just out of curiosity?

Mz M. said...

It wasn't about cancer, ailing children or 'male professors' -- whatever that means.

It was loosely based on a true story a friend told me about bonding with his adult son. His son had a bad LSD trip and they spent a sleepless night together talking about music, family, etc. until the son calmed down and stopped tripping.

And I realized after submitting to Rutger's 'Writers Bloc' that they're a bit squeaky clean and frown on potty words, etc.

So, hey, fuck 'em.

Janet said...

They rejected that one? I love that one!!!
But then, I don't know goes for.
I wish there was a mag that published stories like you see in the New Yorker, but for unknowns.