Monday, March 29, 2010

We Will Love You and Hug You and Call You George

Here's another one brought to you by a loyal reader, who says "it's the best form rejection ever!" But you know how that goes, if they get you feeling warm and fuzzy and keep inviting you to submit, you will feel nice about their journal and that will fulfill the hope that "we may continue to read each other." Meaning, maybe you'll give a nice donation. Am I being too cynical? Is there such a thing? Probably. Here's the rejection: "We are honored that you considered our publication worthy to receive your writing, we thank you for the opportunity to read your work, and we regret that we are unable to publish it at this time. Please consider the numerical reality: that for the current issue, we were able to publish much less than one percent of the submissions we received. Because we were particularly fond of your submission, you will soon receive another email inviting you to submit different work for the next issue. We wish you the very best of luck, we hope you will keep in touch, and we hope that we may continue to read each other. Ever yours, The Editors of Contrary"


weary said...

yes, very nice. but who cares about form rejections? or form rejections with a nice note? i have long since stopped agonizing over the meaning of "thanks, but not for me." with a handwritten "do try us again!"

i want to see the most heinous of the egregiously rude. and not just the drunk-dial style email rejections from unknown zine editors. i want to see a real editor rip into someone like Predator rips out the spine of mercenaries in the jungle.

thank you and good afternoon.

(jeezus, my captcha is "weary op")

Anonymous said...

I want to see kitties hugging stuffed animals.

Marianne said...

Love this site!

That "nice" rejection with the elegant "because we are particularly fond of your submission ... " was from Contrary! I know because I just got this message from them, about half an hour ago :-)