Monday, March 1, 2010

You Will NOT Be Rejected Here

Your prayers have been answered. (Or have they?)  A gentle reader sent in a link to a site the ultimate anti-rejection site.  Here's the submission guidelines: If you have written something that someone has rejected, we want to read it. Send it to as soon as you can. In order to qualify for submission, we also require a copy of a rejection e-mail of some sort. There is a special rule. If you can provide us FIVE rejection e-mails, we GUARANTEE publication. If you have less than five, we do not guarantee publication. Any piece of writing on the site with a little crown next to it has been rejected at least five times. It is our 'seal of approval/rejection'.There is no theme to the site. There are no limits in terms of number of words. It is very unlikely that we will publish extremely offensive material. It is very likely that we will publish good material. It is likely that we will publish very bad material. Check out the archives before you make up your mind.


Anonymous said...

Awesome. I just clicked on the first link on the site - the rejected poem about cherry yogurt. I loved it!

Anonymous said...

well, i like their artwork.

Anonymous said...

This was an interesting post, thanks!

I thought there would be even more here; I'll have to check back.

I also realized that either I am no good judge of poetry or I can't tell good poetry from bad.

It's also interesting that -- from what I can tell -- the site is making no judgment, just letting the works speak for themselves about whether the rejection was unfortunate or well-deserved.

foton said...

I wonder what each writer was thinking when they submitted their pieces. What does one get out of being published in the rejection journal? Is it "hey, this piece is so bad it's funny and I want to share," or is "my piece should have been accepted and now it it's finally published." It's not really my cup of pee, but more power to them if they get some vindication.

On a side note, it seems like this could easily be abused. Just send your piece to 5 journals in the wrong genre and boom, 5 rejections, now it's automatically publishable in the rejection journal. I mean, it's a pub cred, right?

Christopher said...

It's cathartic. Really. I enjoyed being part of it.

Jhon Baker said...

Cathartic is the right word here. and hey, If I was being made fun of, fuck it, I enjoyed it tremendously.

Anonymous said...

I think that five rejections = automatic posting of your story is pretty crazy. Five rejections is not a lot. I eat five rejections for breakfast! And wash it down with a brunch of seven more! If this site gets popular, I bet they'll have to up it to 25 rejections at least.

I also love how they don't reject anything, but if they don't choose your piece, they just don't respond. LOL.

I wouldn't submit anything there, though. Not something that had already been rejected 30 times. Not something that I love but just keeps getting rejected. Not even something bad that I now recognize deserved its rejections. I just wouldn't submit. But kudos I guess to the people who do and who get a kick out of it!