Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Binkster (Binky Urban) Gets Honors

In other news, legendary agent Amanda "Binky" Urban, "of the size-4 jeans," as one of my old agent friends used to jealously call her, took home one of industry's most prestigious awards this week:  the Maxwell E. Perkins Award from the Center For Fiction. The prize was established on the deck of the sinking ship in 2005; the Center for fiction was found in 1820 as the Mercantile Library of New York and is dedicated to celebrating, supporting and furthering the creation and enjoyment of the art of fiction.  Other prize winners include Nan A. Talese (Doubleday), Gary Fisketjon (Knopf), Drenka Willen (Harcourt) Gerald Howard (Doubleday), and Jonathan Galassi, FSG). Wouldn't you like to see the short list of the non-winners? (Sonny Mehta, anyone?) Well, maybe not; guess it's sort of a snooze unless you know and care about the roster.

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