Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fake or Real? Not Sure

Well...some say it's real, but it seems a little faux to me.  You?
p.s. Seriously, though, what's with the werewolves and zombies thing?


Empress Awesome said...

I wish my rejections were this detailed. I'm sick of the form ones.

Anonymous said...

thank god lol I get a lot of personal rejections,somehow?
from places like rosebud and abbys & apex.

Anonymous said...

It sounds extremely, incredibly fake to me. I've never seen it before but really....there's no way that can be real.

Anonymous said...

Ugh wait. Little Women and Werewolves is a book just released in 2010. Fiction, putting werewolves/vampires into the classic tale.

This is exactly the kind of marketing that I hate. I would never read this book. Dumb. Also, more werewolves and vampires? Really?

Boondocks Journalist said...

I thought it was an amusing satire of the gap between what sold then (nice young women learning lessons) and what sells now (nice young women having amorous entanglements with paranormal creatures). But maybe it is just marketing.

I'm sick of these mashup books. Actually I'm torn between feeling sick and sitting down to write a draft of one called Wuthering Bites. Gonna get on Google now and see if anyone has beaten me to it.

I mean, duh, Heathcliff was obviously a vampire. That would explain a lot.