Friday, August 6, 2010

Please Publish My Brick

We strive so hard to get our books in print, but look what they've become now.  Bricks!  Or, as the description of this art project reads: "The memory and knowledge accumulated in the books gathered, closed and inaccessible, diverse and precious will be potentially recovered in the end, when all of the books can return to their function of being read, but meanwhile they will have been worked on as sculpting matter and as the spirit of the place where the artist intends to hold us: an hexagonal enclosure with a passage defined by mirrors that assure the vertigo of a fall, the ad infinitum fragmentation, the panic of spatial disorientation characteristic of a virtual infinity. The metaphor indicating that all those books are part of and enrich the universal editorial production, gains visibility in the blend orchestrated in the construction of Book Cell, between the Foundation's publications and several other books from around the world."  Huh? (Ah, are perverse.)

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Anonymous said...

I can almost see my ,lol right!
it's never going to happen lol