Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Creamy Offer (And Not In A Good Way)

Rejecting literary magazines usually have enough sense to separate (at least by stationery pages) their rejection of your work from their bold solicitation of your becoming a subscriber.  Cream City Review (Is it just me, or is that kind of a gross name?) takes the bold step of linking their rejection of your work to the fact that you probably do not know and appreciate their "distinctive literary style," which "cannot be conveyed through a brief description."  (C'mon, really? You can't put it into words?)  Thus leading quickly and in the self-same rejection letter to the conclusion that you need to subscribe immediately to understand the complexity of the literary style in their creamy pages and to have better literary luck getting your story placed there.  Frankly, I think it's a little tacky.


Anonymous said...

again, it's all in the delivery. asking for submitters to help support your journal is not bad. doing it this way is bad. people say "NO" out of spite more readily than they say "YES" out of guilt. aren't Literary Types supposed to have keener insight into human motivation?

Anonymous said...

Cream City has balls.

R said...

Why those this sound like a automatic message ? lol with the world pasted in lamo