Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dear Literary Monkey

If you know the Kenyon Review and its blog, (which for some reason is posting only on Merwin this month) you can help out by taking the survey mentioned above by going here. (Awfully nice of me, since LROD isn't, I notice, even mentioned on KR's blog roll....hmm.) By the way, I love Survey Monkey so much that I'm going to make up an LROD survey for all you mice to give back some feed. (Does anyone want to be on the Survey Monkey Committee?) Please submit survey questions about LROD in the comments section below.  Here are a few to get us started:
  1. How many literary rejections can you honestly boast?
  2. What's your social security number and mother's maiden name?
  3. What's your agent's name?
  4. C'mon, we can't all have Binky Urban....what's your real literary agent's name?
  5. Do you really have a literary agent; or are you just floating the dream?
  6. How many times (a day) do you visit LROD? 


Laura Maylene said...

What genre(s) do you write?
How long have you been writing? How long have you been submitting?
What publication are you most proud to have been published in?
What is the worst/strangest/rudest rejection you ever received?
How do you celebrate when you get an acceptance?
How many agents have you queried?
If you do have an agent, did you land him or her with your first book, or did it take your second, third, fourth, etc. book?
What's your day job? How does it facilitate your writing, or not?
Are you in a critique group?
Do you have an MFA?

Anonymous said...

When I first moved to North America, and first heard someone say they were doing an "MFA" I laughed because I honestly thought it was a joke, standing for "Master of F*** All."

Chazz said...

I just discovered surveys and love putting them out there. I suggest:

How many more rejections/how much more time are you giving your writing career before you toss it and go the self-publising route?

$p@mm3r said...

thanks for the link to the kr survey. i filed it out like a disgruntled amature wrighter who has numerous fiction stories published on my blog and and is dissatisfied with kr for not publishing my fine works as i receve many good comments on my blog stories.

Anonymous said...

$p@mm3r in case you're serious, you may want to invest in a spell check?

$p@mm3r said...

th point is not too spellcheck my survay submission because i am a serious wrighter with many storys published on my personnel blog. my humor may be lobrow and quiet clichee, but it is not so vague that one could think theirs a posibility that i am serious! i am a serious wrighter and avid reader of kenyan review my good sir.

Loser said...

$p@mm3r, I found it hilarious. Thanks for the laugh.

@Writer, Rejected: As far as rejections, I'm nearly the 1,000 mark over the last five years. I get acceptances about half of 1% of the time.