Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Crazy Life and Your Too "Poetry Slam-y" Poetry

This rejection came from Dan Tricarico, editor of  LITSNACK, sent to one of our very own mice. I love the casual tone, like a friend taking a little too long to get back to you: "I'm sorry I took so long to respond to these. My life has been crazy. Unfortunately, these aren't working for me. There is some lively writing here, but they come off a little too hip-hop/poetry slam-y for my tastes. Hope you understand." p.s. Does the LitSnack motto make any sense to anyone? Just wondering.


knotty gurl said...

Points to ponder:

(1)LitSnack's guidelines make it seem like they want light poetry, or bad poetry that's easy to read. So hip-hoppy stuff might be too interesting for them.

(2)LitSnack is not hosted on its own domain, it's a free website hosted on the Weebly website. Much like this is a free blog hosted by Blogger on the blogspot domain. That's ok for a blog, but not really very professional for a lit mag. If you could even call LitSnack a lit mag.

(3)Their cover art and motto is not meant to be "ironic," I think they are really looking for simpleminded fare. I guess this falls under (1).

The submitter did not really look at the site too carefully before submitting. Whose fault is that? I think there are many institution-based lit mags that accept this genre and actually pay. African American Review comes to mind. Worth a shot.

Anonymous said...

omg this is so funny, I've send a rejection to Pedestal Magazine
they actually thought lol I'll lol
donate mony lolololol

I wish I could pay you 25 cents if I had it as -a- mater- in -faked I would love to save you like Christ if I had A EXTRA 75,000 in the couch ,But ,as a writer I'm not making any money from.
magazines. How can I put this nicely ? I'm trying to make money as a writer not give it away.
SO I have to rejected you my money not right place at Pedestal
alsa try me again some other time maybe I'll have some spare change or maybe I'll see pedestal on a street corner in the rain then I'LL drop a dime on it :)

best of luck places this email elsewhere

Anonymous said...

Knoty ? may I add that the guy told me before that HE "LIKED My WRITING STYLE ? ALAS he had to many submissions to publish the world.

Anonymous said...

I'm a professional rejected ;)

Anonymous said...

poor ,good old dan....hmm

knotty girl said...

Seriously, if you are going to start an online zine, and God knows there are a trillion, why not take that teeny tiny extra step of getting your own website?


It just doesn't have the same ring as non-paying-zine.com. You know what I mean?

Getting your own website is like saying "I care enough about literature to invest $10 a year for domain name registration and $5 a month for basic webhosting." Putting up a slap-dash free website is like saying "I like reading stories and I will put your stories on my website!!!! Kewl!!!"

I don't mean to pick on LitSnack in particular, if you browse Duotrope, you will find a lot of zines of freebie websites. I thought Duotrope had minimum standards for what could get a listing.

(incidentally, non-paying-zine.com is not registered, in case anyone reading this blog's comments wants to snag it.)

Anonymous said...

well, the way I see it is, they have a Duotrope account out maybe 20,000 zine which do not.Cut them so slack this isn't the poetry foundations
this a a mans amateur zine which he was inspired to make...lol

webly is only a page, like a pen is to paper. You can get free paper from the post office in my town though limited amount it's fine to write on.

Anonymous said...

maybe dan
s homeless ? and cant offered even a suit ? lol
eating out of the crash could lit snakes

Anonymous said...

RATTLE one of the nations leading journals is on blog spot - D

Anonymous said...

Rattle is on rattle.com. I used the internets to find it. kewl.

my captcha is "anturd"

Anonymous said...

"They" have put in hard work over at Lit-snakes.
it was one of the all tome witty s ideas .
"they" Have published only fully cock food at lit snakes.
I rest my case....

big T
fan of Hip hop since 1979

Anonymous said...

for some reason the the sub. manager has my ip blocked at African American REVIEW :?