Friday, October 29, 2010

Only Radio Static From the Agent

No word. I'm zen. Maybe Monday. How we suffer. Finished last rewrite end of August. Now, nearly November.  Still no word.  There was Frankfurt.  And other things. She's busy. I know.  But will she send it out?  Or send me back for more revisions?  Maybe it's good. Time brings clarity. Novels need to stew. As stated: I'm zen.  Sort of.


Johanna Moran said...

Remember, too, that publishing goes into hibernation during the holidays. I signed on with my agent in September, 2007. The ms was ready to go by early November, but she waited until after the first of the year. Sold in March 2008. Hang in.

Anonymous said...

That's not really cool. If she's for sure your agent and she is representing you, she has to let you know where things stand...a one line e-mail stating: "I know we said we'd regroup in October and I will be in touch very soon" would even be adequate.

No word is not ok, I feel, if she's already your agent (if she's 'thinking about' being your agent, that's really different). but if you've signed on the bottom line wit her, so to speak, it's a working partnership and nobody should be guessing what's going on. that's not productive.

Call her! ask her if you can drop by and find out where things stand. Tell her you're working on something else too (even if you aren't). She'll bite.

Anonymous said...

I tried to be understanding, to be low maintenance, to be easy-to-deal-with, to be realistic and reasonable, and all that when I wasn't hearing from my agent.

Six months later, when I was finally fed up and decided to go up the agency's ladder, I found out she had left the firm months earlier amid a personal dispute with the owner. She destroyed all her records, provided no notes on the status of my book (which she supposedly HAD submitted to publishers), and in general, set me back about a year and a half.

All of which is to say, don't wait. As the previous commenter says, it's not unreasonable to expect a one or two sentence email from someone you're doing business with.

Good luck!