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Friday, October 22, 2010

Will You Be My Father/Agent And Never Disinherit me?

Tim Seldes is an old-timey gentleman agent. I got a rejection from him too.  I chatted with him once, not knowing that he was an agent, a legend, etc.  He was very nice and sparkly. I kind of wished he could be my father in an embarrassing way that I couldn't entirely repressed, though maybe it was because my father had died so recently and had, as many of you know, cut me (of all his children) out of the will just to be mean. As it turned out, Mr. Seldes ended up being a charming conversationalist, someone I met at a wedding: nothing more, nothing less.

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Anonymous said...

Worse thing than getting disinherited out of spite:

I guy I've known since high school has parents with an open relationship. It's open in the sense that his dad can have sex with whomever he wants and his mom just deals with it, and tells everyone that she's more enlightened than other women.

When my friend and his now ex-wife went through a trial separation, guess who his dad hooked up with? When my friend worked up the nerve to confront his dad, his dad said, "I didn't think it was a problem since you were separated. The mom said, "why don't you be more enlightened and just happy for them."

To add insult to injury, he wrote the experience into a short story, and the story has so far been rejected by 20 lit mags.

I went to a posh private high school, and I know a lot of fucked up dysfunctional families. It must be a requirement for all rich people or something.

I know that you mention the disinheriting thing on and off, and I hope you can eventually get some piece and closure on it.