Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What's So New About Ohio

This rejection is just in from an LROD reader:
Dear Author: We are sorry these poems did not work out for New Ohio Review, but please consider submitting other poems to our contest (deadline March 10) -- the entry fee includes a one-year subscription. See our guidelines. Best Wishes, The Editors
Says the recipient of this rejection: "I submitted fiction. Not poetry." Because the electronic submission do-hickey listed this writer's submission as fiction, there is some question about the error. Like, did someone press the wrong button? Or did no one really read the work? 


Anonymous said...

So said and sorry

Anonymous said...

Come on, L-Rod, where' s the fire? We're down to clerical errors?

Writer, Rejected said...

Send me something to excited about, and I will! Which is to say, not every rejection is a celebration, you know.

Anonymous said...

Wow--this rejection got rejected!? That deserves some kind of prize, yes?