Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Change of Pace

What if I have a change of heart and only post literary acceptance letters? This extraordinary one says:  "Dear Lee: As I go through The Files, getting the material together for the next issue of Great Works-- I come across some pieces of paper, that are, yes, your poems sent in to me, and duly put aside by me (I'll reply tomorrow I suspect I thought). I am sure I didn't reply tomorrow (I am a desperately appalling correspondent).  Well, I would, actually, like to publish probably most of what you have sent me, if you would still want this, after I really have no idea how long. Is that OK?" Love everything about it, especially the creative grammar, tone, and verb tense. A+


Anonymous said...

If you post only acceptances I will have to hang myself.

Or, you know, just stop reading.

Writer, Rejected said...

Won't do it then. Just a little musing.

Radek said...

thank for showing us realty it's only once in a while that i see an acceptance addressed to me.
it's great seeing one to other person here!
14 accepted poem in 14 different places myself since 2010

Anonymous said...

I would LOVE it if you printed more acceptances...that would be a nice respite from all the crappy rejections and would provide hope for all!!