Friday, May 6, 2011

Speaking of New Yorker Rejections

This would be refreshing, but I don't think it's real. The New Yorker editors are too genteel for such crude language, right?


Steven Page said...

I have one just like this.

Radek said...

I'm shocked they would be so unprofessional!
I wouldnt take it too heart
it probly was siged by some little person working the slush pile in mail room.
I personaly stop sending to the new york, althouht I got better furm rejections !

Anonymous said...

boycott ! nyk magazine ,writers!
dont buy or renew!

Writer, Rejected said...

I don't think it's real. Hold the boycott.

Anonymous said...

Please say you meant "genteel" and not "gentile"--or is this some inside joke a new reader like me wouldn't get? Love your blog anyway. Keep going, Writer, Rejected!