Monday, June 20, 2011

Cooperative Press Rejection

I think they did a good job of emphasizing how much they appreciate your participation in a generic, general, impersonal kind of way.


Native Ink said...

You'd think with only 14 entries, they wouldn't even bother creating a form rejection. Why not write a short note to each rejectee?

Radek said...

I got a follow up message from the thoughtful editor and chef of Mid-American Review. I asked about how well my poem did and the editor thankfully replied! The O.G rejection was electrically signed by the main editor which means that my poem came out of the flush pile!

"Sorry about that, Writer. There are two different schools of thought about that -- some people want a simple yes or no and resent feedback! I always try to play it safe. I did enjoy the piece, and you made it to the discussion phase. Hope this helps! :)"

Dear ***** ***:

Greetings! Thank you for the opportunity to read your work. We're sorry to say that after careful consideration, we have decided not to publish this submission. We do wish you the best of luck placing it elsewhere, and with all your writing endeavors.

Thanks for letting us take a look at these, *******!


I give this rejection A grade and the people at MAR car a lot about everday poet.