Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Does Not Enthuse Over Freaky

I really hate the way editors speak to agents sometimes, so weirdly stilted. Here is a prime example. The rejection above says: "We do agree that this is an unusual and impressive first novel. Vincent Eaton has more imagination on each page of his writing than many an author has in a whole book. Absorbing and challenging this book certainly is and there is no doubt that psychological drama has appeal. We do feel, however, that this novel is just too freaky to have other than a modest appeal. For our first list we feel that that appeal is just overly modest. Many thanks for thinking of us, and we look forward to finding a project over which we can mutually enthuse."


Native Ink said...

Calling the novel "freaky" sounds too informal in this stilted letter. But then again, it's probally the only heartfelt word in the whole thing.

crantz said...

over which we can mutually enthuse? let's get freaky, shall we then.