Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Me, Unadorned

I'm having trouble with posting letters/pictures on blogger today. Not sure what the deal is.  So, anyway, you just get me this morning, unadorned. I'm waiting for Agent 99 to read the new (probably last) version of the novel. It's hard to wait, especially since sometimes she will delay if she has bad news. I kind of figure this is the last shot for two reasons: 1) I don't think I want to make any more major changes to it; I'm happy with where it landed and 2) We've worked together for a year now, so if she doesn't feel like it's the book she wanted it to be by now, it probably won't ever be that book. What's weird is that sometimes I feel like everything will be ruined if I don't get that novel published; other times, I think "eh...whatever." It's just some words on some paper. If she decides it's time to take a pass on the novel, I have one editor I'd like to try, and then I'll probably shelf the bad-boy. All that being said, I've moved on to working on a non-fiction book about disinheritance--my own and others--as a cultural phenomenon. Probably the most marketable thing that ever happened to me. So that's the scoop with me this summer.


Anonymous said...

sorry to hear this, w,r. I mean I know you said you feel "eh" about it, but still must suck to have the agent for it finally, to have worked on it for so long, and then realize it's not going to happen.

but maybe it's super good news this time! who knows. good things are coming for you one way or another.

Id said...

I totally know how you feel! I've recently come to "Meh" terms with my own book and I can barely believe it. Something I used to be so passionate about barely registers any more -- how does that happen? (Or maybe it's just how I'm protecting myself?) Anyways, I blogged about it here:

Anonymous said...

I for one will be delighted when you are finally, definitively rejected, your constant self-aggrandising bleating about having written a book coupled with your fawning to the vanity of editorial market-led pap-loving venality has been nauseating, and should you compromise sufficiently to get your book validated by mainstream publication it will merely go to show how sheer lack of integrity and a will to conform can get you fifteen minute in the overcrowded, overrated, dying-on-its-feet literary spotlight. And yes, I've nothing better to do. Having said that, good luck with your future literary endeavours.