Friday, July 29, 2011

How to Hook an Agent

This guy got his novel published by Soft Skull Press after 61 rejections, which he gets to write about in this Huffington Post article. He says you only get one sentence to compel the agent/editor.  He says the formula is: "Show economy. be precise. hook." I like those rules because they are good guides that can be broken, as long as you know you're breaking rules and doing it well.


Steven Page said...

I'm shooting for 62.

Anonymous said...

Can you take out that picture? I love reading your blog but I'm so disturbed by it. Tell me it's fake blood and a fake injury. That would be an awful awful way to injure somebody's face!!

Writer, Rejected said...

It's photoshopped from a stock art place. Sorry to disturb. I agree, it's a little extra violent for this blog.