Thursday, July 14, 2011

New York Times Declares Books Dead--Sort Of

Well, this was an entertaining/depressing article by Bill Keller about how worthless it is to write book.  Oy. Update: Got a e-note from Agent99 saying she's been swamped and not able to get to my novel rewrite, but my manuscript is up next for her. Fingers crossed, everybody. Hope to hear soon.


Radek said...

how do make freak-en living somebody help :)these loser piss me off!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Good luck.

This was a depressing article. But if it does nothing else, I really hope it deters about a billion or so people who can't write, but who are writing books. More room for the talented and worthy among us.

Cari Hislop said...

The article made me sad. The editor makes it sound he's given up on his dream of becoming an author and apparently counsels other people to forsake their dreams as well. Where he obviously went wrong was selling his unfinished books. Some people can work that way (great for them), but I couldn't. That payment for a work to be finished by a set deadline would crush me and my story flat. Seriously, the guy should sneak away to his laptop after newspaper work and write for the love of it.

I hope Agent99 loves your manuscript!

Linda Zinnen said...

Hey! I thought it quite tongue-in-cheek!

Count me in on the "Agent 99 loves the manuscript" karma (and no, that's not tongue-in-cheek.