Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Subject Object Confusion

A friend of mine posted this rejection note on her blog: "I really liked the concept but the story missed its chance to connect with me." Um, what? Who missed what? Or what missed whom? Or...huh? Get it together, people.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, annoying. But at least it's a reply. Unlike McSweeney's, which keeps submissions for years and, if my experience and the experience of another writer friend is at all common, no longer sends out rejections at all.

I sent three emails to Jordan Bass over a period of three months and never got a reply at all, not even an annoying one. Which is actually much more annoying.

Radek said...

Thanks for your interest in a position with Pizza Hut! Unfortunately we do not currently have a position open that matches your qualifications.

If you'd like to receive coupons and information on upcoming promotions for Pizza Hut, Click Here. You understand that by opting in to receive communications, you will not increase or guarantee your chances of being hired A minute ago

IJS said...

Still, you want to be in. In in in. Let me in! There's a hell of a party going on in there, I just know it.

Writer, Rejected said...

Yeah, I want my book published, fershizzle. I guess that means I want in. Was there ever any question of that?

Cari Hislop said...

"...the story missed its chance to connect with me." I think what this respondent really meant was..."I didn't have time to read your work, but I don't want to have to admit that because its unprofessional so I'm going to blame your story for ending at the bottom of the slush pile.