Monday, September 19, 2011

How to Succeed in Rejection

If they use the title twice in a rejection note it seems more like they did indeed read it closely and give it careful consideration. That is, if you fall for that kind of thing.
Thank you for sending your work to Narrative. We are always grateful for the opportunity to review new material, and we have given "Title" close reading and careful consideration. We found many strengths to recommend your work and, overall, much to admire. We regret, however, that "Title" is not quite right for us. We encourage you try us again in the future, and we hope that you will. Sincerely, The Editors  
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Anonymous said...

For twenty bucks a submission, they'd better say the title twice.

Anonymous said...

can't. believe. anyone. would. pay. 20. dollars.

few business schemes are as lucrative as the writing contest. charge a bunch of shmucks $20, give a fraction of the loot to some winner. geez louise, narrative makes my skin crawl. those guys are utter slime balls.