Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Promise for You

Having a different procedure today to get at the cells in question; hope this one works. In the meantime here's a cute little form letter from Arts & Letters for your rejection enjoyment:
Thanks for giving us the chance to read your work; unfortunately, it doesn't meet our needs at this time. However, we promise that if you keep writing, we'll keep reading. All the best, The Editors, Arts & Letters 


mercury rising said...

Hey Dude.

I hope your good cells thrive and your bad cells croak and that nothing is painful.

Your blog is genius. I hope it gets the attention it deserves, along with your other writing.

heynonnynonymous said...

Adorable: & love the cancer cell picture.

Anonymous said...

This sound similar to something I went through and it all turned out just fine. I have no doubt it will for you, too. Hang in there. You're a fighter; that is clear from this blog. We're all sending positive thoughts your way.

Anonymous said...

why? rejection

Anonymous said...

More positive thoughts from all your readers deluging you and bathing you in good vibes!!!