Monday, October 3, 2011


An inspiring story from the editor of Anderbo:
I started writing my first short story, "Boys Who Do the Bop" in 1976 (I was born in 1950). I finished writing it in 1982 and promptly submitted it to The New Yorker -- and it was rejected. Over the next six years I submitted it to publications large and tiny (including two re-submissions to The New Yorker) but nothing but rejections came back. I wrote no other stories, just kept sending out "Boys Who Do the Bop". Then, in the spring of 1988, the story was finally accepted -- by The New Yorker! (By this time I was 37 1/2). Rick Rofihe, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief,
He also included his new revised rejection letter, complete with handy resource links: is an all-volunteer organization. We are able to use less than 1/2 of 1% of what comes in; most submissions receive a response within 6 to 96 hours.
Effective August 1st, 2011: Due to the increasing number of submissions we are receiving, we cannot consider more than one submission from any individual in a 3-month period. Other literary sites of interest:*


Radek ozog a no-oet said...

MAYBE i'M THE LUCKY :) AND will be forgoten like many poets who came before me
but if you imagaination plese ask for some of my work at

i promise i'm as incompant as a seem lol

nice said...

Radek, I know you from WCC and I can't help but notice that you spelled your email address wrong.

On a professional note, many people have lightly suggested that you learn to spell in English. I echo this suggestion. You might consider having a friend spell check your poems before you send them out. They have a lot of interesting imagery, but the spelling man, people can't read poems where every other word is misspelled.

Radekk said...

i don't send poems out horribly misspelled haha, but i aint no southern boy eather lol but I am a well known internet troll :) and a poet who sometimes gets it write (no! i mean right lol) lol and gets published.other then that I don't know what's wrong with me other then my panic attack when it comes to writing and other then me being a idiot lol

also my email is and stared my online poetry magazine. vintage poetry publshing


Anonymous said...

so here is the magazine and enjoy.

Radek said...

thanks anonymous user!
I'll watch for the spelling enforcement police-unit, before speeding ahead without a spell cheek or er :)

their is nothing more annoying then a person who hasn't learned broken english yet lololol joken

but give the credit for your good points.

thanks man!

Anonymous said...

I'm aware of most of my grammatical errors which in the past happened and I see that I need to slow it down.

Thank you to writers rejected for posting even the worst of my comments.