Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What's It All About?

Says the witty submitter of this rejection, "I am a forty-something in a twenty-something world."
Thank you for your recent query regarding representation. Having considered this, we've concluded that LMQ is not going to be the right fit for your project, but of course wish you all the best with it. Sincerely, LMQ [for Jason Anthony]


Anonymous said...

if only more people read books...

Radek said...

hey! were is the grammar Nazi on this post? lol

i already meet the soup Nazi today in downtown AA and he told me not TO eat so NOISY lol

Anonymous said...

I'm not the grammar Nazi, but I am impressed that you didn't misspell any words. Maybe someday you can learn about proper capitalization and punctuation.

Anonymous said...

do you ever get feeling that we are being watched? like a black helicopter watching from the sky

Anonymous said...

spelling enforcements hahhhah

Anonymous said...

Two significant observations got lost:
1) Yes, old timer, a twenty-year-old intern, with the sensibilities of his/her age, is going to read (and reject) your manuscript.
2) Yes, the core problem is that few people want to read good fiction, so there's little financial incentive to publish it.
Can this blog solve those problems?

Anonymous said...

I think this blog can solve those problems.

WR should showcase three literary works every week -- and we, the readers, can vote on which one we want to continue reading. The lowest vote-getter gets replaced with a new work every week. The losing work would have seen the light of day for that one week at the very least.

You can see that I have given this considerable thought :)

We can start doing it by genre, by category, ... oooh, the possibilities!

How about it, WR? Will you be our savior?

suomynonA said...

How about bringing back the Rejected Story Corner?

Anonymous said...

just make sure that you never sent out to an Ann Arbor MI publisher or agent(university press), because if your not in the LIT. circle around here you will not make it in the pages. the prestige of U is wide lol.

also the huron river review is very nice and a respectful journal(which is why i'm not in myself lol) but only for students to submit. but even that only except the few and best.

the huron river review is ever fiction student dream to get published in,at wcc .

my local writing climate is difficult
who else has problems placing most

because i can help.
i own vintage poetry publishing
take up 5 poems

R said...

Rejection can come from diplomatic assholes LOL yes!
what I mean is that people can be asshole and can be very cleaver with words and intent to harm and still come out diplomatic.

just funny note and not a attack on anyone or editor.

Tom L. said...

Well, the comment above is true for small college town's University press. I mean really, they aren't going to accept unsolicited submissions from Joe Blow, especially if you submit an ms outside their genre. I believe the UM press publishes non-fiction, no? So why would you submit poetry?

I used to live in a college town where the University was a big part of the lit scene (and I was not part of the U), HOWEVER, talented writers were always welcomed. Obviously not every successful writer is a student or faculty member, and obviously there comes a point when students graduate and no longer have their academic affiliation. You can't blame it all on not belonging to the U.

I think "Radek" is suffering from grand delusions about his writing abilities. If you keep on getting rejected, and you have atrocious grammar, perhaps there is a link between the two? Perhaps you can share your rejected work with us Anonymice. A rejected poetry corner.

Anonymous said...

Was it here, w/r, that I read about a site where you submit an outline of your plot and a sample of the beginning, and people vote on it? If it was here, could you give me the link? Because I can't hunt it down.
I visited the site, but the stuff on display was formulaic junk. Not literary fiction (which, unfortunately, is what I write). But maybe there could be an upscale variation of that idea?
There has to be another route!

Loser win in the end said...

rejection in poetry is very common.yes! but ever writer.
so many time when almost made but all doing music .

how many poems have you published

Anonymous said...

I never submitted to U press and this isn't just college town. we have so more that.... music and more

Anonymous said...

the U is a Ivory towner and a monster.
not everyone one in Ann Arbor is connected with the university,in fact the area which I live in Ann Arbor has no one getting into the U in anyway.

I'm "hip hop" dude so that I'm against the establishment and rather fight the power ,abusers. loosen your bow-tie ,dushbage lol

Radek said...

why do i have say this again?
i do not sent,submit poem horribly misspelled .

when I'm going to get published iN RATTLE and poetry magazine one day then you will see the light.

look for my name thank you

Anonymous said...

from web page
"The University of Michigan Press publishes both scholarly works and books of more general interest in the following areas:

"American History, Applied Linguistics, Classical Studies and Archaeology, Class Studies, Communications, Cultural Studies, Disability Studies, English as a Second Language, Fiction, Gender Studies, German Studies, Law, Literary Criticism and Theory, Michigan and the Great Lakes, Music, New Media, Poetics, Political Science, Theater and Performance, and Writing Craft."

Best of luck in your future endeavors said...

I can only speak for myself, but I do wish you success Radek. But keep in mind that how you present yourself in public can affect your reputation. If I was an editor who read your comments here and saw your submissions in the slush pile, I would probably not bother reading your poems.

I did look at your poetry lit mag/blog out of curiosity, and you have a lot of typos there as well. Surely the poets you publish deserve a more carefully edited presentation.

Anonymous said...

more room to improve, thanks best,luck.

The way I see it, I don't care that much about repetition because sometimes even jerks have good reps, once someone likes a poem of my enough to publish it in a important journal by then it will be deserved for me.

one thing that I hate is a poem that wasn't that good making it in the new yorker and maybe that poet had great english skill jet passion wasn't in the poem.

I'm not that greatest of a writers but I try and I can offer exposer to poets with my blog at best, with that I'll focus even more on my grammer .

Radek said...

A few earors

jet should me yet

I'm not that greatest of (a take the a out) writers

R again said...

that shout the

thank you..

THE R said... this is the 12th poem I have published in a magazine's and I'm happy the way it turned out.

yes A spell cheeked everything myself before sending out the poem but like I said I'm happy with way the words sounds and engery of my poem with little pause. poets play with words and poets make errors and poets decides to keep mistakes if those mistake create something amazing good then!.I have muse, and that my frends make me a better writer. dont try take magic out my poetry,it's alive and as good I like it.

but not writer I'm performer and poetry is beyond my rusty pen and dont ever hold back my truth. sales and gives poems