Thursday, December 22, 2011

Nothing Much to Say About This One

basalt [dark-colored, fine-grained] 
Dear Writer: Thank you for your submission to basalt. We regret that it does not meet our current needs. We appreciate your interest in basalt and wish you the very best luck publishing your work elsewhere. Sincerely, The Editors 
Eastern Oregon University One University Blvd, La Grande, Oregon 97850


Radek ( I love writing poetry and that all that matters) said...

the editor below sounds like nice guy but I wonder if he's the best writer who ever lived! I deserve to be published because I HAVE a lot passion! he's sinker and at same one thoughtfull. i love writing and attitude should get me published.

I'm sorry to have to say this but I'm afraid this isn't quite up to the standards that I'm willing to put in my publication. Your work shows passion and thought but when I read it, it sounds very crude and not well written.
Keep writtting and improving your craft and by all means don't let just one rejection keep you from submitting to other publishers or from writting more poetry.
Michael R. Roth

radek said...

this the poem, you judge for sell. so dont William Shakespeare! big deal! lol

by Radek ozog
> the sand Dunn's of the west cost of Michigan
> along the violence waves of Chicago winds,
> I lay dead in my by tormented iced rain's
> cloths but it's sociological in nature
> my soaked jeans and cloths make it
> difficult to travel threw deep white sands
> the light house in a distance,
> echo's the Erie silence of the night
> the violent winds, hitting stone like they trying destroy
> man made objects.
> And their I lay looking at all of this face up and on my back...

Radek ( I love writing poetry and that all that matters) said...

If i want be known for something, it for, sucking great and being bitter about never getting excepted LOL

i write poetry that so , that it's great lol